Pacific Controls Advantage

ROI at its best ~ the assurance Pacific Controls Company strives for.

Systems available
         from SubMicroEDMsTM through high volume MegaEDMsTM to Extra Heavy Duty EDM Systems
         and Robotics

Systems Packaging –
         custom tailored to deliver highly efficient performance with the product ROI at its best

Company Capabilities –
       - full in-house design and manufacturing abilities, eliminates the “performance” of outside
         vendors and even their products

       - development of specialized EDM Systems or full Production Line, with ability to combine
         EDMs, “standard” machinery and test or any other equipment and robotics / automation to
achieve efficient, 100% inspected, 24/7 operation  

Business Fortitude

Expertise in Electronics, Mechanics and Hydraulics, Chemistry and Physics gave Pacific 
        Controls Company the edge to establish the  Product  R & D  Division 

           From SubMicroEDMTM, Micro EDM, High Volume or Extra Large & Heavy EDM Services
        requiring special custom equipment are provided by 
EDM Services Divisio

            Pacific Controls, your Turnkey Solution !
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