Unmatched  Cost  Savings

                         Best ROI on today's Market
    Floor Space & Labor & Energy & Maintenance


                     4,000% Production Increase


The main feature of Pacific Controls MegaEDMsTM is to 

                                           EDM multiple work pieces simultaneously.

Having the expertise in the design and in-house manufacturing ability of custom tailored 
EDM Systems, to package multiple work stations on a single chassis was a easy especially 
since Pacific Controls High Response Hydraulic Servo, without losing any of its response, can 
be easily loaded with multiple 
Electrode Tooling.

Presently Pacific Controls Company offers three types of MegaEDMsTM  



EDM Drilling 

up to eight (8) parts simultaneously 





For more complicated burns, requiring turning of the work piece and EDMing with 
multiple electrodes, as required on aerospace fasteners, logical answer is the




Third MegaEDMTM System offered by Pacific Controls incorporates 
High Speed Micro EDM drilling required in manufacturing of Fuel Injectors.




Injector 24/7TM is another simple answer to large problem







MegaEDMsTM    thatís    Simplicity, Ingenuity, Savings





























MegaEDMTM 24/7


This model was designed to demonstrate just a few possibilities Pacific Controls MegaEDMsTM  

are capable of. Combining Electrode Changes, Indexers and XY Tables, packaged into single 
platform results into production output no one dares to match.