Pacific Controls Company established its self as a manufacturer of Servo Systems for
                        Disney, Alaskan Pipe Line and NASA

Due to the High Response of Pacific Controls Hydraulic Servo Systems together with the Servo
Drives and EDM Computers, Pacific Controls Company became a major supplier to multiple
U.S. EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) Machines manufacturers.

In the EDMing process, electrical power, generated by highly controlled electrical pulses, is applied
to the Gap (the space between the electrode and the work piece). When the conditions are favorable,
with every electrical pulse, an EDM Spark discharges in the Gap and a portion of the work piece is

Length of the sparks, aside of multiple electrical parameters, controls the quality of the EDM sparks.
To achieve smooth and efficient EDM burn, the Servo System of High Response is essential.

In addition, during the EDM process, the “Gap Conditions” change extremely rapidly since each
electrical spark, by eroding the work piece, generates debris that partially “fills” the EDM Gap.

To keep the EDM process efficient, every EDM spark needs to be monitored and adjusted to
compensate for the presents of the newly generated debris.

Pacific Controls High Response Servo Systems, employed in the EDM Systems, adjusts the length
of the EDM sparks according to the monitored EDM sparks electrical parameters. To achieve
efficient EDM burn, the required servo movement is usually only a fraction of the sparks maximum

Pacific Controls Micro EDMs, with force well above one ton, execute servo moves in a sub-micron
region since the maximum length of the Micro EDM Sparks is set at 1.3 microns.

Pacific Controls designs and manufactures its products from ground up, custom product oriented,
keeping their efficiency, reliability and ROI at the highest possible level.

560Hz is the natural frequency of Pacific Controls High Response Electro-hydraulic Servo Valves 

Pacific Controls Super High Response Servo System has 4 mseconds error, meaning length of the
lag between electric command & mechanical movement of the servo.

                                4 mseconds of course directly represents 250,000Hz.

                                                         Pacific Controls EDM